Keerl IT Services and Graylog make Axigen Mailserver even more secure.

… and show attackers the door!

Since quite some time I have found the daily scanning of logfiles a nuisance. Which you do to either fix an issue, or to proactively prevent issues.

Of course, many other admins felt the same.
Graylog developed an excellent solution for that:Their Graylog Server – which comes in a few different versions. Graylog collects (sys)logs from servers, network- and many other systems and writes those into a blazing fast “Elastic Search”-database.

Already a few months ago, I installed such a Graylog server and started using it in production; I configured our e-mail servers to send all their logs to our Graylog server.

Since then, it takes us only seconds to find abnormalities – as you can read in this Axigen blog:
Read the blog here.

Ths has made our Axigen e-mail servers – amongst others – even more secure!

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