How long can your business survive without "IT"?

When was the last time you asked yourself this question? From my own experience, IT, in many companies, no matter how big or small, is mainly viewed as a cost factor. An occasionally useful annoyance. But still, we can do without, can't we?

IT has turned from a mere tool for word processing, bookkeeping or correspondance into one of the main pillars of today's enterprises.
So, how long can you survive without your IT, if bookkeeping, procurement, marketing, production or logistics are not functioning anymore?

To survive such an outage with as little impact as possible, many factors play a role. CEOs should discuss this on a regular basis with their CIO or IT Service Provider.*

This is where I can be of help - with well over 20 years of experience in many sectors and companies, from self-employed entrepreneurs to "Fortune 500" enterprises.

Should you need support, for instance with the following topics:

  • User and admin support
  • Regular maintenance of existing IT components (PC, server, NAS, networking components etc)
  • Replacement of defective or "end of life" (EOL) components (incl. software)
  • Consultation in matters of IT security, cloud services and legal requirements, such as GDPR

then I would be happy to be of service.

*pro tip: Performing regular backups is useless as long as a successful restore cannot be guaranteed.






Black and white close up of printer operations panel